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How can we serve you and your team?

What's the ONE thing that you are concerned about in your company?

What is the greatest employee, customer related, and vendor challenge that isn't operational, but where productivity and service is effected because of personal issues? There are many situations your employees face daily that are beyond your control–automobile accidents, sudden illness, the tragic death of a loved one, family problems, divorce, and the list goes on. In many cases the manner in which employers handle these occurrences determines how quickly their employees rebound and refocus their efforts at work. Corporate Care Partners is a highly relational, proactive, and on-site faith-based employee assistance program. Traditional EAP’s are non-relational, off-site crisis management. Care Partners come to where you are to build relationships with employees and the employer, so when “life” happens, there is a true friend they can come to for support, encouragement and direction.

We offer:

  • Enhanced communication between employer and employee.
  • Availability for your employees during times of difficulty.
  • A custom strategy to help you as a business owner or leader create a "Culture of Caring".
  • A consistent in office presence to meet the needs of employees and owners.
  • Confidential sessions to facilitate openness and transparency.
  • Involvement with your Executive team to improve communication, assist with business challenges, and add to any strategic planning effort.

Local references available.

The Rise of the Corporate Chaplain

By Mark Oppenheimer August 23, 2012

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