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"We have been working with Corporate Care Partners for the last year. In that time, we have had a remarkable improvement in morale and an appreciation for how we as an organization value our employees

We have identified individuals at risk to themselves and others. We have been able to intercede materially and spiritually with employees in crisis. The team David has assembled for us is comprised of seasoned and caring servant leaders. They are practical as well as caring and we have not had a single problem. The 1300 employees of Goodwill Industries of Central Florida are better served, more committed and more productive with the help of Corporate Care Partners. We have also stipulated that the service is intended for all people irrespective of their faith. We have had no concerns relative to matters of belief expressed by employees."

Bill Oakley, Retired President/CEO, Goodwill Industries of Central Florida

"At Vermeer southeast we firmly believe that our employees are our single greatest assets. Adding Corporate Care Partners to our employee benefit package is one of the smartest moves our company has ever made. In essence it puts our money where our mouth is. Nothing shows employees how much our company leadership cares like making a chaplain available to care for the needs of employees and their families.

I would recommend Corporate Care Partners to anyone who wants to show their employees how much the company cares about them. Its good for business and it allows a company to impact the life of an employee in their time of need."

Kris DenBesten, CEO, Vermeer Southeast

“It’s a safe place for our employees to go. They know that if they have a problem or an issue they may feel intimidated to go to a supervisor with they can go to a corporate chaplain and they will help them meet their need. We surveyed our employees with many questions and one of question we asked was how well do we care for our employees. That question has received the highest marks.”

Don Deluzio, CEO, Trinity Tile & Surfaces

"As a business owner, I found that when I thrive personally, I tend to thrive professionally. However, as most business owners, I often fall prey to the entrepreneurial curse of attempting to do things all on my own. In contrast, I found that in working with Corporate Care Partners, I was not alone.

My chaplain partnered with me to help identify key areas (professional and personal) where obstacles were keeping me from moving forward. I found our conversations to be incredibly insightful and they resulted in me making shifts that led to a more fulfilling life and business. Every business owner needs a confidential place to work through challenges and Corporate Care Partners did that with great consideration and concern. I give them my highest recommendation.

Nicole Thomas, Chief Engagement Officer, RAVE! Seminars & Consulting

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