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Corporate Care Partners began in 2014 with a vision and mission to assist employers with caring for their employees. "We Take Care of You While You Take Care of Business" is our tag line. Our mission is to be a conduit for employers to authentically care for their people. We provide genuine values-based care in the workplace for employers, their teams of employees and their families. Many programs including EAP's can assist with physical and emotional needs. Corporate Care Partners assist with the inspirational aspect of individuals in the workplace. CCP is a holistic Employee Support Program tasked with providing a service of presence, compassion, listening, and facilitating joy and encouragement for today's workforce when life happens. Employees face some very grave issues every day, and how employers respond to those employees during their greatest need is everything. Employers, who respond in a caring and compassionate way with proven resources, earn increased loyalty from those employees.

Let Corporate Care Partners show you how "CARE PARTNERS" in the workplace transforms corporate cultures. Allow us the opportunity to help your organization create a care strategy to fit your needs.


       At the heartbeat of our existence, Corporate Care Partners strives to “Provide Christ-centered care, encouragement and intercession for employees through a ministry of presence & availability.”


       “Thriving Businesses with Joyful People” is the primary metric by which we will assess the success of our service to our clients.


       The vocation and conviction of our team of Care Partners is to “Provide Encouragement & Christ-centered Chaplain’s Care in the Marketplace”


       “We Take Care of You While You Take Care of Business”

Contact us at or 321.209.3637. Let's have a conversation.

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