"We Take Care of You While You Take Care of Business"

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Care Partners Provide:

  • Bridge of care between employer and employees
  • A service of presence and guidance for people of every faith, or those of none
  • Highly relational, confidential, non-judgmental engagement with employees
  • Non-crisis weekly visits at the workplace
  • 24 Hour crisis response 365 days a year for employees and their families
  • On-site values-based employee assistance
  • Availability for employees and their families at work, home, hospital, or wherever needed
  • Assist leaders with a customized strategy to create a culture of caring
  • Assist Executive team with a plan to improve communication, business challenges, and add to any strategic planning effort. 
  • In special cases, available to provide "Care Partners" for customers and vendors

CCP 24 Hour Prayer Request Line

(PRA)Y32-9111 / (772) 932-9111

Simply call and leave a prayer request when you don't feel like talking but are in need of divine intervention.